Configuration - Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between the different configuration options?
  • Apply to email from all devices including mobiles: This is also referred to as Server-Side signatures. In this mode, signatures are applied to all email messages via Exclaimer's Cloud service, irrespective of which browser/device/email client is used.

  • See before you send (Client-side): This is also referred to as Client-Side signatures. In this mode, signatures are synchronized to the users' computers for use in Microsoft Outlook. 

  • Exchange On-Premises: In this mode, Server-Side signatures are applied to emails sent from on-premises Exchange mailboxes.
Can I change my configuration options later?
Yes, of course. You can easily edit the configuration options afterwards.

After the initial setup, you can:
Configure Server-Side signatures to your subscription.
Configure Client-Side signatures to your subscription
The Launch button is not available? 
Typically, this happens if the contact owner who initially set up the subscription didn't accept the terms and conditions.
I have changed the domain name (or got a new one). What do I do now?

You don't need to make any changes in Exclaimer. But please ensure that:

  • Data synchronization has been completed (this occurs automatically once a day but can be forced if required).

  • The new or modified domain has been added to the same Microsoft 365 tenancy that was used when signing up for Exclaimer.

  • Messages are routed through the Exclaimer send connector in Microsoft 365 (this is a Standard setup, so unless you have actively changed this setting, it will be correct).
Will the Sent Items Update feature work with my On-Premises mailboxes?

Currently, the Sent Items Update will not update any mailboxes hosted within your On-Premises environment. 

If required, please raise a feature request via a Support ticket.

I have configured the server-side/Client-Side feature. Do I update the SPF record?
- If you have configured the Server-Side feature, it is important to update the Sender Policy Framework (SPF) record. If you don't do this, there is a risk that any messages that are routed from Exclaimer back to your email service can be marked as spam. 

- If you have configured the Client-Side feature, you don't need to update the Sender Policy Framework (SPF) record.
Is a license required for sending email as or on behalf of a shared mailbox?
If send-as permissions are used, an additional license is required.

Depending on the configuration, you can set up Send on behalf to apply either the sender's personal signature or the shared mailbox's signature.

- If the Send on behalf feature is disabled, the sender's personal signature will apply, and an additional license is not required.

- If the Send on behalf feature is enabled or the email is sent using Send-as permissions, then the shared mailbox's signature will apply, and an additional license is required.
Does Exclaimer integrate with SendGrid?
Unfortunately, Exclaimer does not currently integrate with emails sent directly from SendGrid. If the emails are also passed to your Microsoft 365 or Google tenancies, and the MAILFROM addresses match users' email addresses, then it may still be possible for you to apply signatures sent from SendGrid.

If you are interested in integrating Exclaimer with SendGrid, please raise a ticket with our Support team, who can submit a feature request on your behalf.
Does Exclaimer Outlook Add-in work in Chrome incognito mode?
If you're using Google Chrome incognito and this page isn't working, enable the third-party cookies.

Learn more about managing Google Chrome cookies.
How does the Exclaimer Server-Side configuration handle messages when a user has already applied a synchronized signature in Outlook or Apple Mail?

To prevent duplicate signatures from being applied to a message when using Client-Side rules, the system carries out a 'text match' check. This check determines if a message has a Client-Side signature from Exclaimer Signature Update Agent.

If a Client-Side signature has been applied, the signature processing stops, and the message is routed back to Microsoft 365 for delivery.  

Can users edit their signature in Microsoft Outlook?

You can 'lock' access to the signature options in Microsoft Outlook and/or archive (remove) all existing Microsoft Outlook signatures for each user.

On the other hand, you cannot restrict a user's ability to edit signatures in Apple Mail.

How do you update group members?
It is very easy to update group members - you need to change their memberships in the Active Directory. The change is instant, and no service restart is required.
How can you specify a group type?
You need to specify groups as a list of group display names.
- For multiple groups, separate them by spaces, commas or semi-colons.
- Email addresses will not work.
Which group types can be specified to restrict using the Exclaimer Exchange Transport Agent?

You can specify the following group types when restricting the Exclaimer Exchange Transport Agent to members of a specific group:

  • Security Group
  • Distribution groups
Which group types will not work with the Exclaimer Exchange Transport Agent?

The following group types and group configurations will not work with the Exclaimer Exchange Transport Agent:

  • Dynamic Distribution Groups
  • Nested groups
Is there any Outlook Add-in that works with Google Workspace Sync for Microsoft Outlook (GWSMO)?
Unfortunately, there is no Outlook Add-in that works with GWSMO.
Can I use my personal signature when sending as a shared mailbox using the Outlook Add-In?
Unfortunately, it is not currently possible to achieve this using the Outlook Add-In. However, this can be done with the Exclaimer Signature Update Agent.
For more information, please see the differences between Exclaimer Outlook Add-in and Exclaimer Signature Update Agent?
Can I sync user photos from Azure AD/Google Workspace?
Yes; with the Pro plan, you can synchronize user photos from Azure AD/Google Workspace or you can use the user photos upload feature.
Does Exclaimer work with Microsoft 365 purchased from GoDaddy?

Yes, Exclaimer is known to work where Microsoft 365 is purchased from GoDaddy.

Please ensure that you have an account with Global Admin permissions and access to Exchange Online for use during the setup of Exclaimer.