A signature is not automatically appended when attaching a document to an email using the right click send to mail recipient feature


When browsing files saved on your computer, you can make a selection and then right-click to access the Send to > Mail Recipient option. This creates a new email with the selected file attached, however no signature is applied - the user must manually insert the required signature using the Signatures drop-down list in Outlook.


This is not an issue with Exclaimer products (i.e. Signature Manager Outlook Edition / Signature Manager Office 365 Edition).

Irrespective of whether signatures originate from Exclaimer products or directly from Outlook, they are only applied automatically when you create an email message using Outlook’s New Email option.

When the right-click Send to > Mail Recipient option is used to create a message, a pre-composed message is used, from an Outlook email template.


When attaching files to messages, create the message within Outlook using the New Email option, then choose to browse for the required attachment (or drag and drop the required file into the new message).