Updating Reply Separators with the Reply Separator Update tool - Mail Disclaimers


Reply separators are used to identify where signatures/disclaimers are placed in messages.

When you install Exclaimer Mail Disclaimers, a set of standard reply separators is included. You can see these by selecting the Disclaimer Policies branch in the Exclaimer console and view the Settings tab.

Typically, these don’t need to be changed unless you wish to use custom separators (this can be achieved easily using Add and Edit options in the product).

However, as new technologies and mobile devices emerge, so new reply separators are identified and it is sometimes necessary for Exclaimer to issue an update. To make this process as simple as possible, we have released the Reply Separator Update Tool. This is a small program that should be downloaded and copied to the desktop of the machine where Exclaimer Mail Disclaimers is installed. Thereafter, it’s a one-click process to update reply separators, when required.

Downloading the Reply Separator Update tool:

Click here to download the Reply Separator Update Tool.

The download file is called Reply Updater.exe and it should be copied to the desktop of the machine on which Mail Disclaimers is installed.

Using the Reply Separator Update tool:

You can run the Reply Separator Update tool at any time - it doesn’t matter if Mail Disclaimers is open or closed.

To use the tool, simply run the Reply Updater.exe program. Everything happens in the background and confirmation is displayed in a command line window:

Reply Updater.exe in Mail Disclaimers

To exit, press any key.

Will my own custom reply separators be overwritten?

No. When the Reply Separator Update tool is run, we are only updating our standard reply separators. Any custom separators that exist for your system will not be affected.

What if we have multiple servers?

You need to trigger remote deployment manually. To do this, (re)open the Exclaimer console, make any minor change to the configuration and save changes.

Latest update information

The Reply Separator Update tool was updated with new separators in March 2017.

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