How to add the BlackBerry Z10 reply separator to Mail Disclaimers

To add the BlackBerry Z10 reply separator to the list of reply separators for Mail Disclaimers, please follow the steps below:
  1. Open the Exclaimer Mail Disclaimers console.
  2. Click on the Disclaimer Policies node in the tree on the left.
  3. Click on the Settings tab in the main panel.
  4. Click on the Add... button.
  5. Copy and paste the code below into the Add/Edit Reply Separator dialog.
  6. Click on the OK button.
  7. Click Save to make the changes live
※<(?i:table)[^>]*?(\s+(?i:width)\s*=\s*['"]?(?i:100%)['"]?\s+(?i:style)\s*=\s*['"]?(?i:background-color:white;border-spacing:0px;['"]?))>\s*<(?i:tbody)>\s*<(?i:tr)>\s*<(?i:td)[^>]*?(\s+(?i:colspan)\s*=\s*['"]?2['"]?['"]?)*?\s+(?i:style)\s*=\s*['"]?(?i:font-size: initial;\s*text-align: initial;\s*background-color:\s*rgb\(255,\s*255,\s*255\);['"]?)>
If this code does not appear to have any effect, use the one below:

※<(?i:table)[^>]*?(\s+(?i:width)\s*=\s*['"]?(?i:100%)['"]?\s+(?i:style)\s*=\s*['"]?(?i:background-color:white;( )?border-spacing:0px(;)?['"]?))>\s*<(?i:tbody)>\s*<(?i:tr)>\s*<(?i:td)[^>]*?(\s+(?i:colspan)\s*=\s*['"]?2['"]?['"]?)*?\s+(?i:style)\s*=\s*['"]?(?i:font-size:( )?initial;\s*text-align:( )?initial;\s*background-color:( )?rgb\(255,( )?255,( )?255\)(;)?['"]?)>

Applies To

All versions of Exclaimer Mail Disclaimers.