Messages submitted via SMTP/POP can get several disclaimers added


Messages that are submitted to the Exchange server via SMTP/POP or dropped into the pickup directory can have more than 1 disclaimer added to them if addressed to both internal & external recipients.


Exchange does not bifurcate messages submitted to the advanced queue with these submission methods, and so there is only 1 message in the queue. If submitted via MAPI, or via another Exchange server, then 2 messages would be in the queues, 1 for the internal recipient and 1 for the external recipient.


Exclaimer adds internal disclaimers & outgoing disclaimers after Exchange has categorized message. Under normal circumstances, Exchange would have already bifurcated the message as the internal & external recipient have different message format, however, Exchange does not do this in the case of messages submitted via the pickup directory or via SMTP/POP.


There is no generally suitable workaround for this problem other than to not send messages to both internal & external recipients when submitting via SMTP/POP or to restrict Exclaimer to one single disclaimer under these circumstances.


  • Exclaimer 2.x
  • Exclaimer 3.x
  • Exclaimer 4.x
Article ID: Q20041221
Last Reviewed: 11th April 2005
Revision: 1.0