Multiple signatures keep being applied

This is due to the embedded images. iPhones and some email clients do not handle embedded images well and replace them with an image reference. They also tend to visibly attach the image files to replies.

This behavior has led to several text tags being added to your signature, e.g. “<ImageName.gif>”, which means the console can no longer recognize the signature.

To avoid this issue, you need to switch from embedded images using a local path to hosted images using a URL link. See the below example:

When you use hosted images, the iPhone will not replace the image with a tag and will leave the original URL in place. This should allow the console to recognize that your signature has already been added.

An alternative work around would be to add a policy exception which looks for your disclaimer. If a signature has been applied anywhere in the email chain, the disclaimer will appear in the message, meaning it would only add one user’s signature. If another person replied to the email chain, it would not add their signature as someone else’s disclaimer is already present (unlike the “Don’t add if present option", which adds one signature per person).

To do this, add an exception to the policy “The Body contains specific words or phrases”, then paste in part of your disclaimer (something in the signature that is unlikely to be typed into a normal email).

You can make this even more specific by un-checking “Ignore case”.
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