Mail Utilities is registered for all my virtual SMTP servers, can this be changed?


Exclaimer is registered for all of my virtual SMTP servers, and this is not what is required. Often several disclaimers can get applied, or for some reason or another this is not a suitable setup.


Exclaimer when installed will attach itself to all of the available SMTP servers that are available in the metabase.

More Information

Exclaimer have provided a GUI tool to allow the selective enabling of SMTP event sinks. This tool ships with Exclaimer 4.10, but users of previous versions of Exclaimer may download this tool from here.

Fix Strategy

Run the GUI tool (called SmtpEvents.hta) and disable the events for the SMTP service that you want.
Note: If you uninstall and then reinstall Exclaimer, all the SMTP virtual servers will be attached again.