How to Change the Search URL


You have installed Mail Archiver and wish to give your users a simple URL to connect to the Search UI.


Setup a second website and DNS entry to redirect to the Mail Archiver search UI. This is done in the following way:

Create a new site in IIS

  1. Open Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager
  2. Right-click on "Site" and select "Add Web Site..."
  3. Fill in the details as required and then press "OK"
  4. Click the new site and then open the "HTTP Redirect" feature
  5. Optional: If the "HTTP Redirect" feature is not available carry out the following steps:
    1. Open Server Manager
    2. Expand "Roles", right-click on "Web Server (IIS)" and select "Add Role Services"
    3. Under "Common HTTP Features" tick "HTTP Redirection and press Next then Install
    4. Once the install is complete, close the wizard and continue
  6. Tick the "Redirect requests to this destination:" box and enter the address and port of the Archive web site and click apply
  7. Close Internet Information Services IIS Manager

Create a DNS Entry

  1. Open DNS Manager on your DNS Server. This will normally be your Domain Controller
  2. Expand "Forward Lookup Zones" and select your local domain
  3. Create a new "Host (A)" record pointing to the new site you created and click "Add Host"
  4. Close DNS Manager
You can now open a web browser and connect to the Exclaimer Archive Search site using the new address.
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