Multiple Exchange environment can have the internal signature duplicated


Internal messages in a multiple Exchange environment can have the internal signature duplicated. You currently have a requirement for all the email sent to have the signature.


Each Exchange server with Exclaimer Mail Utilities installed will apply the same signature. Internal emails are always sent by the home exchange server (the exchange server that has the user's mailbox), by filtering the emails using the home exchange server we can stop duplicate disclaimers being applied.


Create a custom rule that will host the signature
Please follow these steps carefully in order to complete the configuration accurately.
  • On the addressing tab, select "sender is" "active directory attributes" Then click on "settings". This will open the Active directory attributes query editor in a new window.
    • In order for this rule to function we will need to determine the FQDN (Fully qualified domain name) of the current Exchange server you are on.
      • Please select the following settings within the Active directory attribute's settings.
      • "start with" please select "no one" from the drop down menu.
      • then select "Add" from the menu.
      • "users where" select from the drop down menu "Home Exchange server".
  • "is not equal to" in the next field and leave the last field on null.
  • Once you have done this, please click on test in the bottom right hand side of the window.
  • This will show the FQDN for the users in the test result screen. Please click on the entry for the first user under "msExchHomeServerName" and it will be copied to the clip board.
  • Please go back to the top of the window and paste the result from the clipboard over the entry of null in the last field. Then change the option of "is not equal" to "is equal to" and click on Ok.
You will need to follow these instructions on each additional servers which have Exclaimer Mail Utilities installed. Please note that if you are using remote deployment you will need to disable this as a these rules can not be implemented on other servers.


  • Version 4 and above