Images are not being displayed in the disclaimed mail


My corporate logo is not being included in the final disclaimed email.


The most common cause of this behaviour is that the Exclaimer Mail Disclaimers Transport Agent does not have read access to the image location. This runs within the 'Microsoft Exchange Transport' service, which runs as 'NETWORK SERVICE', so this user will need to be granted access. Note that this user is a local user, not a domain user, so if the image is hosted on a share from another computer, you will need to grant rights to 'Everyone' on the remote location.


Give 'NETWORK SERVICE' permissions to access the image.
  1. Find the location of the image
    • This can be done by locating the 'Src' property for the image in the image properties.
  2. Navigate to the file location using Windows Explorer
  3. Right click on the parent folder and select 'Properties' to bring up the folder properties dialog
  4. Select the 'Security' tab, and add 'NETWORK SERVICE' ensuring it has at least 'Read' permissions
  5. Send a new test message and ensure that the image is included in the image


If you host the image on a web server that is publically accessible from the internet you could include a reference to this in the disclaimer, rather than sending the image as an attachment to every email.
Once you have the image located on the internet, just change the 'Src' property for the image to the URL of the image e.g.
However, remember that most email clients will not display images referenced in this manner without user interaction.
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