Emails sent in HTML format are received in Plain Text format


You have composed and sent an email in HTML format. The recipient received the message in Plain Text format with none of the images or text decoration displayed.


Various causes can result in this behaviour. Commonly the issue can also occur if the Remote Domain configuration settings specified on the Microsoft Exchange server are incorrectly configured.

To view the current Remote Domain configuration, run the command:

Get-RemoteDomain | fl

If the ContentType property is specified as MimeText, this is likely to result in the undesired behaviour of the message format being converted.

The ContentType property should be configured as either MimeHtmlText or MimeHtml.

MimeHtml will enforce HTML format.
MimeHtmlText will allow the receiving email client to decide the best format to display the message.


To correctly configure the Remote Domain settings, follow the steps below:

1. On the Microsoft Exchange server, launch the Exchange Management Shell (EMS).
2. To change the ContentType propertly, run the command:

Set-RemoteDomain -Identity <name> -ContentType <type>

Note: The identify name should be populated with the name of the remote domain specified on the Microsoft Exchange Server. By default this is *.


Set-RemoteDomain -Identity * -ContentType MimeHtml

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