How to force the browser to use the Rich Search UI


Exclaimer Mail Archiver has two different search interfaces for your users:
Rich - This includes multiple search criteria, restore to mailbox and other advanced features utilizing AJAX and other web technologies.
Light - A scaled-back version. This includes the same powerful search but with features optimized for browsers that don't use AJAX or scripting.
When loading the login page for the search web-site, Exclaimer Mail Archiver attempts to automatically detect the browser being used and whether it supports the Rich search. If the browser appears to not support the required features then the user will be forced to use the Light search to provide the best user experience.
However, there may be scenarios when Exclaimer Mail Archiver falsely identifies the features available in the browser and incorrectly forces the user to use the Light search. For example, you may have security restrictions in place in your environment to prevent browser detection (sometimes called browser "sniffing"). For this reason there is an override to 'force' the Rich search to be used.
Note: Exclaimer Support will be unable to assist you should some features of the Rich search be unavailable or function incorrectly when you use this override.


Appending the following override to the address bar will allow you to use the Rich search on a browser that Exclaimer Mail Archiver identifies as not supporting the Rich search: &forceRichUI=1
For example, if your address bar shows:

Then append the override:

Note: If the above does not help, check your Antiviurs software. In some environments, switching off the web protection feature, or adding an exception for the Mail Archiver web page, enables the rich search.

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