How do I create a link to all user’s Vcards?

If you require a link within your email signature that provides a Vcard, follow these steps.

  • All Vcards MUST be uploaded to a hosted web server and have the naming convention of .vcf.
  • Edit a template and add a Custom Hyperlink, which can be found in Fields>Dynamic Content.
  • Within the hyperlink popup, enter the URL path of the web server which is hosting Vcards.
  • Click the drop down arrow on the far right of the Address Line and select Message Sender>Other AD Fields>AD Field.
  • Select samaccountname from the menu.*
  • Finish the Address line off by adding “.vcf” to the end.
  • Enter some text such as “Click here to view my Vcard” into the Text to display field
  • Click OK and the link is complete.
*The samaccountname will represent the account name of the user and should match the file name of the Vcards which are uploaded to your web server.
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