'Corrupt HTML detected in message' warning in log file


Warnings that corrupt HTML has been detected in messages are being written into the Exclaimer log file.


Exclaimer parses HTML messages to split them into various parts for inclusion in the disclaimer. If the HTML is unparse-able, these errors can be reported in the log file and certain features (such as the {Original Email Above Reply Separator} and {Original Email Below Reply Separator} may not work as expected.
The message will still be disclaimed, but may not be in the required format.


This condition normally occurs with incoming messages that don't conform to proper HTML guidelines. This is typically limited to spam message and so these warnings are benign. It is possible for these to occur with internal messages and this would generally indicate that the sending mail client was not creating clean HTML that Exclaimer can parse.
Generally this report is benign and can be ignored. If however these messages are being generated repeatedly for a specific user or group of users, then further investigation may be required.


  • Exclaimer 2.x
  • Exclaimer 3.x
  • Exclaimer 4.x
Article ID: 20040910
Last Reviewed: 26th April 2005
Revision: 1.0