How to enable Restore To Mailbox and Message Forwarding


Your users are unable to restore messages to their mailboxes using the Restore To Mailbox functionality. They are also unable to forward messages using the Forward Message functionality.


The Exchange Mailbox Access wizard has not been completed. This wizard gives Exclaimer Mail Archiver an account that has access to all your users' mailboxes within the organization; allowing them to restore messages to their mailboxes. This is also the account used by the Forward Message functionality.


Complete the Exchange Mailbox Access wizard. To accomplish this:
  1. Open the Mail Archiver console
  2. From the tree on the left, select the Exclaimer, Mail Archiver node
  3. In the central pane select the Settings tab
  4. Under the Exchange Mailbox Access section click the Configure button:
  5. Complete the wizard. This will create an account for you and assign the required permissions
  6. At the conclusion of the wizard you will be returned to the Mail Archiver console
  7. Check the Enable Restore To Mailbox checkbox
  8. Click Save
  9. Your users can now restore and forward messages
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