How to use ScanPST to repair PST files exported using Exchange Powershell


You have used the following PowerShell commandlet to export a user's email to a PST file:

When attempting to import this PST into Exclaimer Mail Archiver using the Batch Importer, you have found the Batch Importer shows the PST file as containing no folders or messages and you are unable to import messages from that PST file.
  • Click the Start button to start analysis of the PST file.
    Note: The analysis process may take several minutes (or longer) to analyze the file.
  • When the analysis is complete, the following screen is shown:
  • Click the Repair button to repair the PST file.
    Note: The repair process may take several minutes (or longer) to repair the file, depending on it's size.
  • When the repair is complete, the following message is shown:
  • The process is complete. You can now use the PST file with Batch Importer.
  • More Information

    The following Microsoft KB article contains additional information about the Inbox Repair tool:
    How To Mail Archiver