Mail Archiver Autodiscover error


You install Mail Archiver and you are unable to archive a single email. Your Exchange server appears to be maxing at 100% CPU even after you perform a reboot.

This causes a large number of errors to occur that appear to be related to Autodiscover not having been configured correctly.

Try the following steps below to diagnose the problem. Continue down the list as you complete each action if the issue does not get resolved.


Manually browse the EWS URL. When it asks for your credentials, check that your login is working.

Run the DGBView, choose the setting requested and let it run for about 10 minutes. In the interim, re-test both the Auto and Manual connections for any errors.

On the Exchange server, open the Exchange Management Shell and run the following command

Test-OutlookWebServices – Identity |  fl.
This will show if the Autodiscover function is working correctly in your environment and what your Exchange URL is. Continue through these steps if the Test-OutlookWebServices command passes with no issues and you are still unable to connect to the mailbox.

Check that Outlook is installed on your server and if it can connect to the mailbox with no issues. If in any doubt, carry out the Outlook “ Test e-Mail auto configuration” test. This will ascertain if it is just Mail Archiver that is not connecting.

Try specifying the EWS URL in the Mail Archiver console manually and then re-test it. Use the Test Connectivity button to ensure the connection is successful.

You can also try to run cmd command for:

netstat –a
This will see if the port 53450 is used by another machine / service already.

If the port is only used by Mail Archiver, uninstall the software and reinstall it on another machine / server. If this did not work, continue down the list.

Perform a Health Check, Permissions Check, Connectivity Test and Baseline scan using the Exchange BPA.

If you are able to change the time zone, set the Exchange server to GMT time. Then, re-test the connection to the journal mailbox.

If all else fails, then the defect will actually be in the Microsoft .NET Framework. This causes a small number of timezones to not work correctly when a connection is made to them using EWS, which is the technology used by Mail Archiver to import email messages from the Journal Mailbox.

This has been documented and accepted as a defect by Microsoft on their Connect portal:

Unfortunately Microsoft has not committed to when the defect will be resolved at this time.

To workaround this, you will need to change the timezone on the machine that has Mail Archiver installed on it. Do not choose any of the following:

  • "Buenos Aires"
  • "Salvador"
  • "Tripolis"
  • "Port Louis" 
  • "Perth" . 
If you are based in one of these timezones, choose another that will cause no observable difference. For example, if you are based in Perth, we would recommend using "Taipei" as this is still UTC+08:00. 
Troubleshooting Mail Archiver