Advanced Font Customization in Mail Utilties


  1. You would like to specify a font size that is not available from the drop down menu on the tool bar of the Disclaimer Editor. (An odd number or point font size)
  2. The font size changes when received by recipients (e.g. Text specified as 8pt is displayed as 7.5pt).


There are two options available to resolve these issues:
Option 1 allows you to specify that inline style information be included in an HTML tag by use of our tag properties editor.
Option 2 uses the same inline style definition, but you can add them directly to the source of the disclaimer. This is useful if you wish to specify that a small amount of text within a larger body of text be of a different size.

Option 1

  • Place the cursor within the text that you want to specify the size of. You will see, just below the horizontal scrollbar and above the list of tabs at the bottom of the Disclaimer Editor window, the list of tags that the cursor is within.
  • Left click on the tag that best encompasses the text that you wish to specify the size of (This will usually be the <p> tag). This will bring up an action menu:
  • Then click on Properties. This will open the properties dialog for that tag.
  • Locate the Font Size property and enter the font size that you require.
  • Click on OK and the style will be set for that tag. In mail clients that are able to read style sheets this will override the HTML size information.

Option 2

  • Click on the source tab located at the bottom of the Disclaimer Editor
  • Locate the text you wish to change and type in the opening span before the text and the closing after so it appears like so: <SPAN style="FONT-SIZE: 8pt">This text will be 8pt in size</SPAN>

More Information

Below is an example of the source code created when using Option 1:
<p class={Imprint.UniqueID} style="FONT-SIZE: 8pt"></p>
The above code will specify that an entire paragraph be in 8 point.
<span style="FONT-SIZE: 8pt"></span>
The above code will specify that anything within the span tags be in 8 point.