Disclaimer Or Signature Contains Line Spaces In Web-Based Mail


The disclaimer and or signature appears to contain extra line spaces when viewed in web based mail systems.


This behaviour is due to the different ways that HTML source is handled in the different display media. Web browsers (also including any system that displays HTML mail within a web browser) will usually add a blank line to the end of a paragraph, to denote that the following line is from a different paragraph. Outlook (and some other mail clients) does not handle HTML in this way and will not display a blank line after the close of a paragraph. This is what causes the mail to appear to have extra lines when viewed using webmail.


Limit the number of paragraphs that you use within your disclaimer. When you press the Return key within the Disclaimer Editor, this will close the current paragraph and start a new one. By using a Shift key and the Return key together, you can insert a line break (<br />) into the paragraph, rather than beginning a new one. This will lead to the disclaimer being displayed with the same spacing in both webmail and Outlook clients.