Storage in Mail Archiver

Mail Archiver uses a proprietary database structure. This means that it does not require Microsoft SQL Server or any third party application to operate.

The database creates a BIN file daily. The folder structure is per year\per month\day.BIN. Tampering with this folder structure or moving of files will cause data-loss.

The files are stored to prevent tampering and cannot be easily examined.

We still advise you to store them in a secure location with the same level of security as your Microsoft Exchange mailbox database location.

The software has a separate “index” (one index per-database) that allows for fast searching. it is recommended to place the index on a the local disk to increase the search performance to its fastest levels.

It is recommend the index be placed on the local disk if possible as search performance will be fastest.

The Index file will typically grow to 25% of the total store size on disk. This can be higher depending on the types and sizes of messages stored.

The Search feature searches the index. If the message isn’t indexed, it can’t be found.

If you wish to include Mail Archiver as part of your backup plan, the following must be backed up:
  • All store locations.
  • All index locations.
  • [Optional] The backup configuration folder.
Mail Archiver FAQ