How do I deploy my settings to multiple servers?


In certain circumstances it is a requirement to be able to deploy the rules and the settings onto a server from another machine on the network. This can be implemented at any time without impacting on the software’s functionality.


Use the remote deployment feature of Exclaimer. This feature is known as cluster deployment in previous versions of Exclaimer.
In the steps below, the server/workstation that you are deploying the configuration from is referred to as the source server, the server/workstation you are deploying to is referred to as the target server.
On the target server:
  • Install Exclaimer on the workstation/server.
  • Share the installation folder (Default is c:\program files\exclaimer) (If the installation drive is different from the source server, you will need to refer to [[Deploying settings when the application is installed on a different drive letter to the workstation]].
  • Copy the following files and subfolders from the source server\workstation to program files\exclaimer on the target server\workstation.
    - AD folder (This folder is not required if it is not present on the original installation)
    - Userfiles folder (Remove the read only flag)
    - Control panel folder
    - Mail Utilities.4.50.xml (Exclaimer4.xml in versions prior to 4.5x)
    - AD.xml (This file is not required if it is not present on the original installation)
On the source server:
In the Exclaimer control panel please click on the Remote Deployment button (Setup page, bottom right), click the Add button and insert the server name and then the UNC path back to each server that has Exclaimer, including the one you are deploying from. This will allow you to modify and deploy from anywhere. To test the settings, click on Scan, this will display the details of the DLL file on the server. Once the test is successful, click OK, and then save. Every time a modification is done on the source, an option to deploy to the server will be given when you hit the save button.
If you would like to deploy the settings from any Exclaimer installation you will need to share program files\exclaimer on all the machines where Exclaimer is installed and ensure that they are listed within the remote deployment settings window as described in the paragraph above. Please note if you choose to use this configuration you will receive a message in the Deployment Status column stating "Not required. This is the server you are deploying from." for the server you are deploying the configuration from.

More Information

  • We recommend that you input the details and shares for each Exclaimer installation.
  • If you wish to configure Exclaimer from your workstation and then deploy the configuration to your servers, you will need a workstation license for the Control Panel. Contact Us for more details.