Issue when upgrading Signature Manager v2 to Signature Manager Outlook Edition


Updating Signature Manager v2 to Signature Manager Outlook Edition causes the wizard to incorrectly appear after installing and an old configuration with inaccessible templates to be displayed once the console is launched.

Why is this happening?

If you have had Signature Manager v1 previously installed on your workstation and the v1 configuration is still present in the C:\ProgramData\Exclaimer Ltd folder, Signature Manager Outlook Edition will incorrectly pick up this configuration when it is installed.

What can I do?

  • Uninstall Signature Manager Outlook Edition.
  • Rename the Configs2 directory in the C:\Program Files\Exclaimer Ltd\Signature Manager directory.
  • Delete or rename the Configs and Gallery directory (if present) in the C:\ProgramData\Exclaimer Ltd directory.
  • Reinstall Signature Manager Outlook Edition.
The Signature Manager Outlook Edition installer will now correctly pick up the Signature Manager v2 config instead of the v1 directory.
Signature Manager Outlook Edition Troubleshooting