Disclaimer is placed at the bottom of the message when using Entourage\iPhone\Gmail


The disclaimer is placed at the bottom of the message when replying to or forwarding a message when using Entourage, an iPhone or Gmail.


Mail Utilities uses a reply separator to determine where disclaimers should be placed.

Entourage, iPhones and Gmail use a reply separator that is set on the date, time and the sender of the original message, as shown in the example below: On 22/02/08 11:00, "Joshua Clarke" wrote:
This reply separator is not static and will always change; therefore Mail Utilities can not recognise it.


Entourage and Gmail

This issue can be resolved by adding a reply separator that Mail Utilities can recognise.

You need to add this to:

  • The signature for replies and forwards section of Entourage
  • The signature section of Gmail

We recommend using the following reply separator:

-Original Message-

You can also add the Entourage forwarded message reply separator into Mail Utilities.

To do this:

  1. Open the Exclaimer Mail Utilities control panel
  2. Click on Set up from the menu on the left
  3. Click on the Advanced button in the bottom right of the Set up page
  4. Click on the Identifiers tab
  5. In the Reply Separators section add the following reply separator:

    -Forwarded Message
  6. Note: There must be a semi colon and a space before the new entry, like so:
    -Original Message -; -Forward Message


The iPhone does not differentiate between signatures for new messages, replies or

forwards - it just has one generic signature section.

Therefore, we recommend adding a line of ten underscores to the signature for all

messages. This ensures that the signature/disclaimer is applied in the correct location, as the line of ten underscores is a recognised reply separator in Mail Utilities.

Note: This does not require amendments to the reply separator in Mail Utilities - only on the iPhone.

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