How to monitor email to a public folder


I am unable to create a new account to use for monitoring, I have run out of SBS licenses or I want various people to be able to review mails that have been monitored


You can monitor emails to a mail-enabled public folder which alleviates the symptoms of this problem.


Using Exchange System Manager, create a new public folder.
  • To do this open the folders sub-tree item in the administrative group under the servers node and right-click to create a new public folder.
  • After the new public folder has been created, right-click this folder, choose All Tasks and select "Mail Enabled".
  • Select the properties of this new folder, click on the Email Addresses tab, and add a new email address.
  • Select SMTP
  • Type in a suitable email address at your domain, e.g.
  • Save these changes.
In Exclaimer, in either the default rules panel mail monitoring section or in the custom rule mail monitoring section, type the email address that you used into the mail monitor box.
Note: You can't use the Browse... button to select this, this dialog only permits the selection of Users and Contacts.


  • Exclaimer 3.00
  • Exclaimer 3.05
  • Exclaimer 4.00
  • Exclaimer 4.01
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