Changes to Mail Utilities control file are not being picked up


Under certain circumstances, changes to the Mail Utilities control file are not being noticed by the Exclaimer service and the features of Exclaimer continue to operate as if nothing had happened.


Occasionally, the file system may not inform the Mail Utilities service that the control file has changed, or the monitoring thread in the service may abnormally terminate which causes Exclaimer to not notice the file has changed.


Restart the SMTP service to cause the Exclaimer system to be initialized from scratch.
Sometimes this is insufficient and an IISRESET needs to be performed. Please follow these steps to achieve this.
  • Open a command prompt
  • Issue the command IISRESET /TIMEOUT:180
Note: On Exchange 2000 this will cause the message store to be unavailable for up to 6 minutes. On Exchange 2003 this will not affect the store.


  • All versions of Mail Utilitie
Article ID: Q20050110
Last Reviewed: 11th April 2005
Revision: 1.0