Subject trigger for Don't add disclaimer is not removed


I have set up the Don’t add disclaimer if subject contains option and ticked the Remove from subject check box in the Disclaimers tab of a disclaiming custom mail rule. When I enter the subject into an email, the disclaimer is not applied but the subject is not removed.


The work around for this issue is as follows:
  • Click on the Custom Rules button in the Mail Utilities control panel
  • Click on Add Rule at the bottom of the screen
  • Select Sender is Subject contains
  • Select recipient to match the original rule
  • Enter the subject for removal, for example [no sig]
  • Select the option Remove from subject
  • Click on the Disclaimers tab and use the drop menu to select Use this disclaimer and click OK to close the Add Mail Rule window
  • Open the original custom rule and click on the Disclaimers tab
  • Place a tick in the Process next applicable disclaimer rule and on OK to close the Add Mail Rule window
  • Ensue the new rule is directly below the original custom rule
  • Click on save to save your changes