IRS Circular 230 disclaimer


It can be difficult to get the spacing and formatting of a Circular 230 disclaimer correct.


Using Word as the editor of the disclaimer can lead to formatting issues on emails that are sent using Word as the message editor because the sender of the message can have HTML markup that conflicts with that of the disclaimer editor.


  • Download the disclaimer source from this post attachment
  • Extract the Circular 230.txt file
  • Open the file in Windows Notepad
  • Select the entire content (CTRL+A)
  • Copy to the Windows clipboard (CTRL+C)
  • Open the Exclaimer Control Panel
  • Select your disclaimer (default outgoing or a custom rule)
  • Open the Disclaimer Editor (Edit/Preview ...)
  • Click on the Source TAB
  • Select the entire contents (CTRL+A)
  • Paste the new disclaimer text over the top (CTRL+V)
  • Press OK
  • Press Save
The new disclaimer should be more tolerant of the formatting within the original message and should not exhibit strange spacing issues.


  • All versions of Mail Utilities
Article ID: 20051001
Last Reviewed: 1st September 2005
Revision: 1.0