Mail Disclaimers 2010 performance review

We have completed significant performance analysis of our market leading and highly acclaimed Exclaimer Mail Disclaimers 2010. The research detailed the performance of Exclaimer Mail Disclaimers 2010 and the other leading mail disclaiming software providers, including Microsoft® Exchange Transport Rules.

This analysis targets the speed at which outgoing mail is processed within Microsoft® Exchange, specifically the stage of submitting mail through the transport service into the queue to be delivered. See figure below:

To perform this testing, a dual server environment was set up, server one held the mailbox role and server two held the hub transport and client access roles.

There were 70 email recipients within Active Directory, 24 of which were used as mail senders. Each of the 24 senders sent 250 emails to random external recipients and 250 emails to random internal recipients. The test amounted to 12,000 emails sent in total, over a period of approximately 20-25 minutes.

Analysis of the results

The test results revealed that Microsoft® Exchange Transport Rules 2010 and Exclaimer Mail Disclaimers were fairly even regarding processing speeds. The difference only equated to 25 seconds over the course of the 21 minutes it took to send the whole 12,000 mails.

This speed analysis also doesn’t take the feature differences between the two into consideration. Some of the extra features available in Exclaimer Mail Disclaimers which were used in the course of this test call upon extra action within the mail transport process. These extra features which have an effect on the final statistics are outlined below.

Disclaimer Design

Integrating pictures (e.g. company logo) within a mail template in Microsoft® Exchange Transport Rules 2010 is limited - you can only insert a reference to an image; it can’t be embedded directly into the email.

In contrast, Exclaimer Mail Disclaimers allows images to be referenced OR embedded in the email itself.

Insert disclaimers and marketing messages where you want them

Exclaimer Mail Disclaimers can insert Disclaimers & Marketing Messages into your chosen locations within an email, e.g. directly after the most recent reply in an email conversation.

Extended email conversations
Exclaimer Mail Disclaimers is able to scan for the presence of your disclaimer in the body of a mail and only add one if it is absent. This process is controlled by a setting on each policy, giving you control over whether disclaimers will appear once in a conversation or on every mail.

Suppress missing signature information

Exclaimer Mail Disclaimers also uses a sophisticated Smart Table function allowing users to tabulate contact information and even suppress the appropriate row if the information is missing. This is in addition to the ability to suppress inline text as the prefix or suffix of an Active Directory attribute.


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