How can I prevent disclaimers appearing on faxes generated by GFI Faxmaker?


This article describes how to ensure that faxes generated with GFI Faxmaker do not have a disclaimer added to them. As most email-to-fax software works in a similar fashion, the steps below should be reasonably easy to tailor for other manufacturers products.


This technique relies on the fact that GFI Faxmaker places the string "IMCEAFAX" among the data in To: line in the message headers of the email. Using this information we can create a rule that prevents a disclaimer being added to any mail containing that string in the To: header field.

Open the Exclaimer Control Panel
  1. Go to the Custom Rules screen and click the “Add Rule” button
  2. On the Addressing tab, set the “Sender” to “Anyone” and set the “Recipient” to "Message Header Equals". In the field below enter the following text exactly as it appears, including the stars: To:*IMCEAFAX*
  3. Go to the Disclaimers tab and set the Disclaimer drop-down field to “Don't add disclaimer"
  4. Press OK
  5. Press Save