Removing the prefix or suffix for a blank AD field


Not all users have the same information present in their AD account, for example not all users will have a mobile number. This article explains how to use the same template for all users without resulting in unnecessary field prefixes.


If you have users who do not have a certain field, you can avoid having the prefix for this field (for example "Mobile:" or "m:" for a mobile phone number) displayed by using the 'Hide if blank' feature.
  1. To do this, do not type the prefix into the edit panel directly, instead, only insert the field as required
  2. Then, select the field and view its properties.
  3. Within the properties for the field, you will see that either a Prefix, a Suffix or both can be added to the field.
  4. The next step is then to set the Hide if blank property to true.
  5. Now, if the field is blank in the AD, the prefix and suffix will not appear on the received mail


If you wish to remove additional line breaks if a field is blank, simply include the line break in either the prefix or suffix property.

The exception to this is HTML, which ignores whitespace. To insert a line break into a field then you will need to set the 'Interpret markup' property to true as well and use the HTML code for a line break, which is <BR>.

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