I can't restore or forward messages in Mail Archiver

This functionality isn't turned on when you install Mail Archiver. In order to allows this, you will need to:
  • Open the console.
  • Select the Mail Archiver node.
  • In the “Exchange Mailbox Access” section click “Configure” and complete the wizard.
  • When the wizard has completed, check the “Enable Restore To Mailbox” checkbox.
  • Click Save.
If you are still having issues, ensure that you have checked the following:
  • EWS is used to restore messages, so make sure that this is functional.
  • Check the password hasn't expired for the Mail Archiver account. This is shown on the Mail Archiver node. If it has, reset the password in Active Directory Users & Computers, follow the First Setup Wizard again and input the new password.
  • Make sure that you also check the Exclaimer event log, which can be found under Application and Services Logs.
Troubleshooting Mail Archiver