How to avoid a blank space in the email signature if an Active Directory field is empty


You have inserted the field {Mobile} into your signature design and enabled the feature Hide if blank. When the signature is appended to an email, a blank space is displayed for users who do not have a mobile number specified in Active Directory.


To avoid blank spaces appearing in email signature when Hide if blank is enabled on the field, follow the instructions below:

1. Open the signature template in the Exclaimer editor:

2. Move the {Mobile} field onto the same line as the field above it:

In this example, the {Mobile} field has been moved on the same line as the {Email} field.

3. Click on the {Mobile} field to display the field properties on the right hand side of the editor.

4. In the Prefix column insert a space and press the Enter key at the beginning of the prefix:

5. Click Save & Close in the top left hand corner.

The result will be that only users who have a mobile number specified in Active Directory, the Mobile number will appear below the email address. User without a mobile number will not show a blank space in the email signature.

The same solution works in the Rich Text and Plan Text versions of the signature also.

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