How to avoid your emails being labelled as spam

When you are designing a template, make sure that you consider these key factors:

  1. Ratio of images vs text - make sure it is more of a 30% image / 70% text split i.e. if you have an image heavy signature and send a short message, this may be blocked.
  2. Avoid using too much white space.
  3. Don't use too many capital letters in the template.
  4. Make sure there are not too many special characters e.g. * _ - “
  5. Never use too many keywords e.g. Free, Cheap etc….
Below are some other items that anti-spam software programs will look for:

  • Body of message incorporates a tracking ID number.
  • Body of message contains a large block of hexadecimal code.
  • Body of message contains one or more lines of "YELLING" (i.e., all-caps).
  • Message includes Microsoft executable program.
  • Message body has at least 70 percent blank lines.
  • Message header indicates message was sent directly from dynamic IP address.
  • Message From field appears to not contain a real name.
  • Message From field ends in numbers.
  • Message header contains numbers mixed in with letters.
  • Message subject includes the term "offer".
  • Message to: field contains spaces.
  • Message Reply to field is empty.
  • Subject has exclamation mark and question mark.
  • Subject is ALL-CAPS.
  • Message subject starts with an advertising tag.
  • Message From: field contains the term "friend".
  • Subject contains "As Seen".
  • Subject starts with dollar amount.
  • Subject contains "Double Your".
  • Subject contains "For Only".
  • Subject contains "FREE".
  • Subject contains "Free Instant".
  • Message contains excessive images without much text.
  • Message body contains the term "nobody's perfect".
  • Message body claims not to be spam.