How to change the Sent Items Update cache temporary folder


You wish to change the cache temporary folder that is used for the Sent Items Update feature in Exclaimer Signature Manager Exchange Edition.


One of the most common reason people wish to do this, is to free up disk space on the C drive. However, this is not a disk space solution, as the cache temporary folder should (under normal circumstances) be almost empty - cached items are removed after the Sent Items Update has updated the message. If you find that your cache temporary folder contains an excessive amount of data, please refer to this Exclaimer Knowledgebase article for a solution.

If you would still like to move your cache temporary folder, you can do so in the Exclaimer console. Here, navigate to Sent Items Update > Sent Items Update Settings and update the temporary files folder :

We advise replicating permissions for the current folder, for the new one, to ensure that functionality is retained.

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