How to fix blue underlines on hyperlinks in iOS devices when using Exclaimer signature products


On iOS devices (iPad, iPhone, etc.), email and web addresses are recognized and as such, displayed with a blue underline. Often, this can spoil the appearance of signatures.


When designing signature content with Exclaimer products, you define templates using a Template Editor.To remove the blue underlines on hyperlinks in iOS devices, you should add/edit the required template and follow the steps below.

Note: For this example, we are adding new signature content. If you wish to update existing content, you can go straight to step 5):

  1. Use the Hyperlink button to insert a Custom Hyperlink field:

  2. For the Address, add (or select) the field - for example: tel:{Telephone Number}:

  3. For Text to Display, enter required text to be displayed for this field in the signature:

  4. Click OK to exit back to the signature design.

  5. Click on the field that you have just added (or the required field if you are editing) and check Properties on the right-hand side of the screen. Here, set required font attributes but ensure that:
    • the Underline property is set to False
    • the Font color property is set to the colour of your choice

  6. Repeat these steps for any other fields that need to have this link style.
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