Does Exclaimer Email Alias Manager work for remote users?


You have users who work remotely on computers that are not a member of your Active directory domain. You require these users to be able to send messages with a different email alias.


As remote users’ computers are not members of the Active Directory domain, these users should specify their required email alias within the subject line of email messages – i.e. use a subject trigger. For example:

Where is the required alias. Note that there is no space between the command and the username.

The subject trigger can appear anywhere in the message subject; it is removed automatically after the message is processed, before it is delivered to the recipient(s).

Note: It is important to ensure that the remote user is listed as a licensed user in the Exclaimer console on the Exchange server, to ensure that the action is applied.

For further information about the subject trigger feature in Exclaimer Email Alias Manager, click here.

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