The text ‘Insert your signature here’ is received on some emails instead of a signature


You have installed and configured any of the Exclaimer signature family products. On some emails, the signature append to the email is displayed as:


The most common cause of the issue is when you have only configured the HTML template in the editor.


Each signature template should be defined with Rich Text and Plain Text variations, as well as HTML. To do this, follow the steps below:

  1. Open the Exclaimer console.
  2. Select the required template.
  3. Open the template editor.
  4. Above the save and close icon, you will see Rich Text and Plain Text tabs
  5. Click on each tab to add signature content for that format
    • Note: Rich Text and Plain Text formats have certain limitations – template editor options available to you will change accordingly.
  6. Click save and close to save changes.

For further information about template formats, see:

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