Signature Rules - Frequently Asked Questions

What does 'Process the Next Signature' mean?

This means you can apply multiple signatures to a single email message using the Server-Side feature. For more information, see Advanced Rules for Server-Side signatures.

You may have defined different signatures containing:

  • Contact details to be applied to everyone in your organization
  • Promotional banner content to be applied only to the Sales team
  • Regional disclaimer content (example: one for the UK team and one for the US team), to be applied only to external recipients
Does 'Process the Next Signature' work for all signatures?
No, it is only supported for Server-Side signatures.

For Client-Side signatures, we suggest you create two templates - one that includes the disclaimer and the other without a disclaimer.
Does the order of my signatures affect 'Process the Next Signature'?

Yes, the order of your signatures affects which signature is processed next.

Signatures are processed from top to bottom, as displayed in the All Signatures tab. This also includes any folders you may have configured.

When an email message is processed, each signature is checked to see if it applies to the sender of the message, and if a match is found, that signature is applied.

If required, you can re-order them to change the processing sequence.

If I select 'Process Next Signature', then which will be the next applicable signature?

The next applicable signature is the next signature in the processing sequence (top to bottom) that matches the defined signature rules. If a match is found, that email signature is applied, the processing stops, and the message is delivered. If multiple email signatures can be applied, then the first signature in the sequence is used.

The easiest way to determine this is to run the Signature Rules Tester - the results will show which signature is applied to the email.

Which rule will take priority if I have enabled both options, 'Only add this signature if the email subject contains' and 'Do not add this signature if the message contains'?

The rule Do not add this signature if the message contains will take priority.

For more information, see Advanced Rules.

I want to define which users within my organization use a particular signature on their company emails. In other words, I want to include (and, in some cases, exclude) people from using a particular signature on their company emails. Is this possible?
Yes, of course. You can use Signature Senders to define users (senders) for the 'selected signature'.
How are recipient rules processed?
Recipient rules are processed after the product rules (Server-Side and client-side).

See How are recipient rules processed?
Why does the signature in the Signature Rules Tester look different to the signature in my emails?

The signature added to the email is formatted as HTML, as is the signature shown in the Signature Rules Tester. However, different email clients treat HTML differently - some will force extra spacing, whilst others ignore extra spaces.

Exclaimer uses the most compatible formats to create signatures, but occasionally there may be slight variations in layout. If you have any issues with the layout, please raise a support ticket with our Template Design team, who will be happy to help you.