When running the Mail Utilities control panel, unexpected "script" errors pop up on the screen and prevent the continued use of the Control Panel.


A vital operating system component has been disabled or remove by a client based anti-virus program such as McAfee VirusScan or other anti-virus software.


Disable or uninstall the client based anti-virus software. Mail Utilities does not support the concurrent operation with client anti-virus software, you should use a server version of the software instead.


Client anti-virus software disables windows components that have in the past been associated with security vulnerabilities but which now no longer pose a threat and should not be the target of anti-virus software. Removing/disabling these system components can render your server unusable and it is not recommended that you install this type of software on your server.


  • All versions of Mail Utilitie
Article ID: 20050311
Last Reviewed: 12th April 2005
Revision: 1.0